Hello I hope all is well with staff & students. I wanted to share that periodically I receive calls from other families & I proudly share Miekai’s experience and the difference it has made in his life.

It’s been 2 yrs but the influence has been long lasting. As you may already know Miekai is in his 2nd year of college. He is continuing to play football and is a honor roll student and has been since he left the ranch 😀 He has earned internships earned a driver license & purchased a car.
I can not thank you all enough. Often times as parents it’s hard to admit the difficulties our children experience because we feel at fault. We make excuses of what our kids can & can not do. One thing that stands out from all the programs is that you met Miekai where he was you didn’t continue to beat him down but rather supported him & lifted him up.
Because of that he has gained confidence that people do believe in him. As a mother of an African American male that is huge especially in this day & age.
Prayer is everything but we have to DO and that’s what you all have shown. We are forever grateful. 

This is the place you want to be. Learning is almost an every hour experience I learned so many Relationship,family and life Skill and Traits that I Still use today. It’s has been Officially 2 years as February 2nd that I Arrived at Soulegria  my visit was approximately 4-5 Months but The experiences where in incredible and Once in a life time. I regret not staying longer. I went from a street gangster to a Tree Service Cowboy, who’s attending school to be come a certified Arborist. I kid you not it’s hard to believe that I’m doing a lot better than most of peers, when at first I was the worst. It feels good to be on right side of life and correct path. It’s heart warming and worth it. There’s not a single person in this world that should not give this program a try. It will change your life as a person.


A few months back I felt like I was losing my son to drugs. His schooling wasn’t doing so well either and I was worried. My wife called many places but we weren’t convinced. As soon as we called this program I instantly knew this was it. Not only that but seeing pictures of the place and seeing how beautiful of a place it is was a plus. So we drive out from L.A. too check the place out and instantly when I talked to staff, I knew they were good reliable people, I was skeptical at first like any other parent would be about leaving their kid somewhere but I had no other choice. The residence was beautiful everything about it the scenery, the gym, and the houses. Four months later my son is better than ever, he finished school, and has a better and more vibrant energy. I can’t thank these people enough! I highly recommend this place for anyone having trouble with their kid.

This place changed my life. It can change your kid’s life too. Scary decision, amazing outcome. Best 3 months of my life!

We have heard you and are currently gathering video testimonials. Please check back soon!!