Help for Young adults

Many of you have been living at home or at college and things have not been working out. Often due to anxiety, course restrictions or other factors our motivation for life has been challenging. Our students know that overcoming these roadblocks is key to their success in life. Most of our students want additional help but don't know where to turn. Our setting allows for young adults to begin to take control of their lives and eventually be independent young adults. Our program bridges the gap between leaving home and living fully independently in a college or a transitional setting.

Why our P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Model WOrks

Imagine a world or just an environment where people kept their commitments. Think of how our lives would be molded if we trusted those around us. Would we feel safe and open. Would this be a place for change and great work to be done. Our soulegria model is a propriatary model that identifies the areas which your child is struggling. This allows our team to identify goals and objectives to help these individuals through this. 

Our Location.

This location is ideal in that many of the support systems of the home setting still exist, however, our students are still expected to operate as an independent person. As part of being independent their will be opportunities for valuable work experience in a controlled environment performing a variety of skills to help build their future resumes. Based on the individual needs of the student, we will determine if they are in need of a more mentored approach or a simple daily mentored living arrangement.

Our location is advantageous in that we are remotely located amongst private hidden dessert lakes just at the footsteps of Zion National Park in southern Utah. Besides providing a beautiful visual, serene landscape with tree-covered pathways, running rivers, streams, and waterfalls. It also allows our students the opportunity to be secluded from busy day to day life. This unique setting allows the student to focus on the most important aspects of their growth and re-prioritize their life. The remote nature of our program makes it easier for those overcoming challenges related to substance abuse

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