Soulegria Leadership Ranch

PO Box 100

1892 South Arcadia Lane

Toquerville, UT 84774

Our application process is based on a students eligibility as well as abilities to help them overcome their greatest challenges to success. Unlike many applications where they focus on the strengths, we are even more focused on the individual overcoming their weaknesses as we know we can achieve great things when individuals overcome these. This application process is overseen by our therapeutic team to screen individuals that may present greater concerns then we are prepared to work with. Our environment is one of learning and growth, so the following process will allow us to determine if SLR is a suitable fit for each student.

  1. Student/Parent Questionnaire and financial verification | Click Here! |

    • Includes basic Strengths and Needs Assessment

  2. Your application will be reviewed by our staff and, if approved, we will submit your information to following and receive a decision within 24-72 hrs.

    • Financial and Insurance verification. Some of the therapeutic costs may be covered by insurance companies.

    • CareVoy Therapeutic Team approval

  3. Final interview with student. Even though all the basics have been covered it is important that your child makes this decision for him or herself. We have mentors and service professionals that can assist in this process for individuals that may be unsure of the opportunity they are committing to

Enrollment will be coordinated with our admissions team.

All information is kept strictly confidential. As CareVoy is a therapeutic provider, all information provided for therapeutic purposes will remain HIPAA compliant.