Our Programs

Wouldn’t you agree that in order for a program to be effective it would need to provide resources for not only basic needs but also in-depth high impact options as well?  The following are some of the options we can assist your family in various degrees.

  • In-Home Educationally Based Programs for Learning– Programs Like
    • Parenttools.org These programs are for parents that feel they can assist a child at home overcome the programs and needs. These programs can be booklets or watching videos which help inspire change in these young kids
  • Private Boarding Schools or Youth Leadership Programs – Programs like
    • The Shangri-La Learning Ranch are small programs where the youth learn leadership skills towards being the leaders of tomorrow. The youth that get accepted into these programs have low-risk or no behavioral issues but are accepted into the program based on a leadership opportunity.
  • Therapeutic  Treatment Centers and Schools– These programs are for more advanced issues and dealing with deeper rooted issues such as the
    • feeling of sadness or loss of a loved one.
    • Overcoming the effects of abuse
    • Dealing  with substance abuse.
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