Our Mission

The Soulegria Model is based on family systems, is relational and is founded on our proprietary principles of P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Soulegria, is an experiential based program for young adults, 18-26 years old. Through our extensive educational support, on location work experience, and family-based learning environment, we are able to model a healthy daily life leading to successful independence.

Our Team



Co-Founder and Program Director of the Soulegria Leadership Ranch, Tyler Olsen has extensive experience in working with individuals and their families. Tyler received a BS degree in Social Work with a minor in Portuguese from Utah State University (USU). When in college Tyler participated in the Football, Track & Field, Cheerleading, Theatre and Student Government. His outstanding accomplishments to create a fun and inspirational environment were recognized by then President Kermit Hall as he reignited culture that still exists today. He is an Eagle scout and created various businesses as an entreprenure. Even though Tyler had achieved great success he lacked abilities to attract true happiness in his own life and sought for this validation from others. Finding himself single, broke, slightly overweight and alone he realized he was the problem and reason behind his failures in life. He then learned how to change himself a skill he shares with others known as the Soulegria Model. He has been working with youth and young adults throughout the United States for over 20 years.

He is a leader in his church, a Scoutmaster and community and is actively involved in other organizations.

In 2006 Tyler feeling a need to use his social work skills and feeling a need to provide better services to assist families he assisted in the creation of CareVoy. CareVoy has worked over the years with the US Government, state and local agencies as well as over 2000 clients. The Company in its organization has assisted families from all over the world.


Shelly OLSEN

Program Manager Shelly Olsen has worked for over 10 years in Child Protective Services as a Lead Permanency worker. Her extensive experience in this field gave her a desire to help out families in the private sector.

Shelly received a BS degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah. She is a licensed Social Service Worker (SSW) for the State of Utah.

She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and loves spending time with them and watching them grow..

Equine Specialist

Julie Thompson

Julie Forbes has always had a love of helping people and working with horses. When the two passions are combined it can be magical! Over the years she has been active in many disciplines within the horse world. A few years ago she was introduced to Equine Assisted Learning/Psychotherapy (EAL/EAP). She realized that her dream was to combine her two passions: Helping People and working with Horses. She has achieved that with a tremendous amount of success!


Julie has discovered that when her clients make a spiritual connection with a horse and then release the negative beliefs that are driving them that there are no words to describe the experience and the healing that can take place.


Horses are great teachers and Julie has learned much from her work with them. This coupled with her varied life’s experiences and working with people on an emotional and energetic level has brought her to a place that qualifies her to be compassionate, non-judgmental and in a perfect position to help anyone that has the desire to release the emotions that are keeping them stuck and consciously create the life they choose.


Julie is certified in:

Equine Assisted Learning/ Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

“Wings” Energy release modality.

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