Someone I love is missing…What can I do?Troubled Youth

Have you discovered a family member is suddenly missing? Is there mental illness involved? Are they a troubled youth that has possibly run away? Time is of utmost importance as it often limits the distance they can go. Taking precise action can increase the chances of finding your loved one. We are a non-profit organization that assists families, here are a few steps we recommend.

First Steps remember these 3 C’s- Call, Contact and Check

1. Call 911
Letting the police know this individual is missing is the first step to ensure you have a network of trained specialists looking for your loved one. (In some cases, unless you feel there has been an abduction/ kidnapping or a mental illness is involved the local police department may require you to wait for 24 hrs but it doesn’t hurt to reach out)

2. Contact Friends and Family members.
Could it be this person is with a friend or family member? Is there a possibility that there was a miscommunication or could a friend know some details where this individual is at?

3. Check and Post on Social Media
In today’s day and age many runaway’s and other crimes are halted due to the help of social media as you just made anyone seeing that post a wanted person sign. It may be difficult but you must determine the risk.  Either you can often delete the post when found or keep it to help others. If this individual has some form of mental health and needs assistance, lack of good decision making or any other factors they may make this individual at severe risk.

Tag this missing person in all posts so that all their friends and family you may not know about are aware of the individuals missing status. Keep posting on it as news comes available so that all your followers can help bridge the gaps and the clues.


4. Contact NamUs 
NamUs, which stands for the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System is operated by the US Department of Justice and is a great resource for individuals looking for a missing person. Through the NamUs database, you can create a missing persons file if the police department has not already done so.

5. Check Hospitals, local shelters or jails
Is it possible this person has been missing or sadly even unidentified? We would hate for this to be the case but it’s better to be proactive then not.or

6. Do they have trackable devices?
Do they have a phone, a credit or debit card that you can access? There are many apps like Find My Friends, snapchat and others that can give off the location of the missing person. On most family plans you can enable it to track their location.

Physical Positioning Options

7. Fill out a missing person   Form here
Once we have this information our non-profit organization can assist where needed. We may be able to recommend private investigators, protection agents or ambassadors nationwide that we have worked with in the past to located troubled youth. We can gladly create a missing person handout in minutes using one of our templates. Knowing what information may be beneficial to safely locate your loved one could be the key to success.  This includes a photo of the individual, a description of their height and weight, and what clothes they were last seen wearing.

8. Keep someone home at all times and start a search crew.
Get the community involved, contact local groups, churches or others who would be willing to search for this lost individual. Use the signs we’ve created and hang them in city parks and buildings.

Troubled Youth or Missing Adult? What are my options?

If they suffer from degrees of mental health we partner with CareVoy.com who provides family-based treatment options. Apply now to see if they can get accepted into one of their programs. Click to  Apply Here

  1. How do you prevent this individual from leaving again or getting out of a moving vehicle? We have options so please contact us to go over those with you. You can call us directly find some more information at helpmyteen.com who has options specifically for teens.
  2. Where will this child go once this individual is turned over to your custody? Programs like the www.shangrilalearningranch.org could be a good place for your child while you figure things out.


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