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The Soulegria Leadership Ranch (SLR), is an experiential based program for young adults. Our program specifically helps these young adults by organizing structured activities while they participate in an intensive therapeutic program. Our proprietary Soulegria Model is based on family systems, is relational and is founded on our principles of P.R.O.M.I.S.E. 

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What Makes Soulegria Leadership Ranch unique?

Our students have often been struggling in life's journey for some time, and may be feeling tired and discouraged. This is why a flexible model is an essential component of the Soulegria process. No two people will have identical experiences, personalities, and stumbling blocks, so why shouldn't their program be as unique as they are?




We’ll help find the one that works for you.Through our extensive educational support, on location work experience, and family-based learning environment, we are able to model a healthy daily life leading to successful independence. The program allows our students the opportunity to expand their horizons, challenge their limitations, and build mentoring relationships that will help them get their lives back on track

What else do students do at SLR?

EXPLORE Southern Utah

Within 30 minutes away you have everything from the dynamic city of St. George with a myriad of opportunities for personal development. Individuals can catch a dinner and a show or spend time with their family on visits, St. George has everything they need to get started.


SLR’s unique location is unlike that of your typical program. We are a working ranch with multiple business operations within the property. This offers students a variety of new and challenging experiences, from working with plants and animals, to basic repairs, or helping organize events here at the Shangri-La Event Center. Here we assist often weekly events that take place and are part of our learning.


On the Soulegria Leadership Ranch, and with Zion National Park only a half an hour away, there are ample opportunities for outdoor adventure. Our students can enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing and more.