My loved one has returned now what?Help for Loved Ones and Troubled Youth

Is someone you love a troubled youth or a lost individual that has now returned home? The sleepless nights, a worry of the unknown, the fear of death or harm is all in the past at least for now. For the time being it seems as though life is standing still. Soon enough things will return to a state of normalcy and what does that look like? Are the issues and problems really “gone”?  Was their some sort of trauma that this individual experienced either during or prior to this event.  Is there mental illness as an underlying hurdle or are there hurt feelings of loss and abandonment. Now is the time to act while things are calm to ensure this does not occur again.  Here is the reality of the situation.

1800runaway gathered the following statistics about missing persons
  • Between 1.6 and 2.8 million youth run away in a year. (Hammer et al, 2002, Greene, 1995)
  • Running away from home once decreases the likelihood that a youth will graduate from high school by 10%.  (Aratani & Cooper, 2015)
  • Running away from home multiple times decreases the likelihood of completing high school by 18%. (Aratani & Cooper, 2015)
  • 47% of runaway / homeless youth indicated that conflict between them and their parent or guardian was a major problem. (Westat, Inc. 1997)
  • Over 50% of youth in shelters and on the streets reported that their parents knew they were leaving but were unable to stop them. (Greene, 1995)
  • Runaways that have been physically abused are almost twice as likely to be incarcerated compared to homeless youth without a history of physical abuse. (Yoder et al, 2013)

As your loved one may need more help it is a good opportunity to discuss what help looks like.  Is contact with a therapist specialized in teen or family intervention necessary? Is home a safe place or is the child at danger to themselves, other family members etc. We offer an array of option that can assist you and your family with our agents standing by.  Please reach out to discuss the manner in detail for a free consultation.

Troubled Youth or Adult? What are my options?

If they suffer from degrees of mental health we partner with who provides family-based treatment options. Apply now to see if they can get accepted into one of their programs. Click to  Apply Here

  • If they are an adult and do not want help you may not have any authority unless you are there designated, caregiver.
  • If they are a troubled youth they may not want to come with you for help we suggest you give us a call so that we can review some options with you. Some options may include a full family intervention.
  1. How do you prevent this individual from leaving again or getting out of a moving vehicle? We have options so please contact us to go over those with you. You can call us directly find some more information at who has options specifically for teens.
  2. Where will this child go once this individual is turned over to your custody? Programs like the could be a good place for your child while you figure things out.


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