Do you have what it takes to make it through a boot camp?

Boot camps come in various types, skills and levels.  Here are some of our  Camps 

Teen Boot Camps

 Boot camps are specifically targeted at helping troubled or struggling teens (Click here for more info)

Wilderness Survival Camp

Boot camps for coding and computer programs (Click here)

Programming Boot Camps

Boot camps for coding and computer programs (Click here)

Life Skills  Camp
  • The goal while at the Soulegria Life Skill Survival Camp that comes from us at  as it is commonly referred is to focus on helping the individual discover themselves through learning the basic needs of survival. In getting away from the busy day to day noise to the quite secluded o
Boot Camp Life Survival Camp
  • The goal while at the Soulegria Life Skill Survival Camp or boot camp as it is commonly reffered is to focus on helping the individual discover themselves through learning the basic needs of survival. In getting away from the busy day to day noise to the quite secluded outdoor environment individuals can discover the events and experiences that led them to their present status.
  • This program is ideal for youth age 12-17 only who: are struggling to follow house rules, may be defiant, or have shown to be a potential risk to self or others. Depending on your child’s situation this could be the first step before entering our long-term residential treatment program.
  • As youth are not allowed to have electronics during this time it is an ideal opportunity to deal with setting boundaries. Additional assistance can be requested if youth are unwilling or disconnected with the family to the degree that the youth will not participate or would be unwilling to render up devices and travel to the destination to face the family concerns. Please inquire for more information.
  • For the best results, Wilderness survival should be followed by enrollment in our aftercare program. This helps the family maintain the principles and goals the individual learned during their time here.
  • A typical weekend wilderness curriculum includes learning fire building, sheltering, water filtration, hunt
  • Boot camps often are similar yet ours is unique in that we are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teens that are struggling with detrimental behaviors.  The Soulegria Life Skills behavior camp is especially unique in that it provides an opportunity to experience the wild ensuring Parents find a boarding school that will not only meet their child’s educational needs but also creates a respectful environment for learning, The Shangri La Learning Ranch (SLR) maintains a very unique approach to boarding schools.
A Different Boot Camp

With our administrative staff of over 20 years of industry knowledge we have seen first hand where parents looking for a program to give their child real world experiences and implement discipline and stucture. Yet the product that is offered by most schools is one where the staff work in rotating schedule therefore creating inconsistency and a void for stability that a family can bring.

These individuals typically live in dormitories with 15-30 other boys which is not a typical living arrangement for any youth. At SLR we see this structure as foreign, non productive and labeling to your child. The need we all feel to be in a family environment and a familiy setting is what places SLR apart from their competition.

How does SLR work? SLR operates as a working ranch where kids and the families they live in are taught first hand lessons on nature, science, math and english etc. Being able to not only experience something but learning and reading about it makes this product more real and more meaningful., have provided various examples of issues that parents should consider when evaluating their child’s needs. various issues What issues do we face with struggling or troubled teens?

  •  Depression and risk of suicide
  • Anxiety or emotional instability
  •  Behind  in school or unmotivated  to participate
  • Defiance, obsessive behaviors
  •  Tearing others down, bullying and being disrespectful
  • Other issues


The Soulegria Model

One aspects that make our therapeutic program complete is that we are one in purpose? Unlike most boarding schools which focus on the negative consequences of each student and give demerits much like our failing prisoner systems. SLR focuses on the positive principles of happiness through our proprietary program called Soulegria.

This program focuses on discovering individual love and respect by finding true joy in life. Understanding the how fun can lead to happiness or unhappiness. We do this by having the youth and their families keep commitments we make to ourselves called P.R.O.M.I.S.E principles.

Each letter of the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. principle represents an area that was chosen to specifically deal with our daily needs. This program keeps a well balanced life and  demonstrate what happens when we don’t stay balanced.

How do I enroll?
Either  submit an application through the parent portal above or contact us through phone, email or chat on the lower right corner. We are here to assist you however and whenever we are available so reach out.

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