Boarding School vs Conventional Charter and Therapeutic Schools?

When looking for a Boarding School, not any School will do. At a glance, there are a lot of schools offering everything from   Boys Only Boarding Schools,  Leadership Academies, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Charter Based Schools

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However not each school is the same and in many cases, the schools are very different. Some schools are more prepared to deal with learning challenges. Therapeutic boarding schools for example may be more skilled at working with a child that has behavior problems or has been expelled from school. There are some students that need a leadership school or boarding school where the student lives on campus to ensure they make it to school each day and don’t get involved in activities that would prevent this child from advancing.  Therefore it is very important that we set up or children for success by choosing the right school. Myboardingschool.com is the premier site that can help you make the right decision for your child. Please call us at 866-573-6548

Boarding School Options?

Besides being a specialized service the youth that attends the recommended schools at myboardingschool.com can assist students that are specifically dealing with the following.


Boarding School vs Therapeutic School

Boarding School


Expedited Courses

Learning Disabilities

Behavioral Conflicts

IEP or Special Assitance

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