Bend Not Break Tour

 Alex Boyé is hitting the stage hard with mental health awareness and suicide prevention on his Bend Not Break Tour. “Suicide is the leading cause of death for Utahns ages 10 to 24. Alex Boyé was recently named an official advocate by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, to which Bob Gebbia, president of the foundation, has credited Alex’s single “Bend not Break” for saving many lives. We firmly believe in the power of music, art, and nature.”




Soulegria Leadership Ranch was invited to present at the OC Tanner Amphitheater in Zion Canyon during Alex Boyé’s concert because of our unique approach to mental health treatment. Since we utilize nature in our therapeutic activities with youth and young adults, Boyé expressed his excitement about what we are doing. Boyé has had some difficult years in his life, but has used these times to launch himself forward. He wants to spread the word to truly help prevent suicide and he is passionate about this. That evening Emmanuel Kelly also performed with Boyé. Kelly also has an amazing story of overcoming unbelievable challenges.

Boyé’s desires is that when he finishes a concert, the audience can find hope and have somewhere to turn for help. This is why we were invited onstage with him. Alex Boyé wants to spread the word that there is help available and that going to therapy should not be a taboo subject. We, at the Soulegria Leadership Ranch, help take therapy to the outdoors and normalize therapy. Since we have a 200 acre ranch, and are located just minutes from Zion National Park, we are able to provide unlimited experiential activities that are so beneficial in treating mental illness.

It is such a difficult time of life, transitioning from a teenager to a young adult. We, along with Alex Boyé, recognize the unique mental health challenges facing this age range. We are passionate about beating the suicide statistical odds with our unique option for treatment. By “bringing stronger awareness to suicide prevention and mental illness through messages of hope to the brain and to the heart” together we can make a difference.

Special thanks to David J West Gallery for this well put together event, for Ashley and Justin Photography for the amazing pictures, and last, but not least, Alex Boyé for inviting us to take part in your Bend Not Break tour.

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