A very interesting thing about our program is that it helps families and individuals by providing experiential Family-based activities. The purpose of our programs are to help learn how to differentiate between sadness and depression, excitement and a true form of happiness or a greater joy we call Soulegria. We do this through our proprietary educational programs.


Home-based learning programs for families and their children.

Parent Tools for troubled Teens


This is an animated video training on how to effectively parent children. These videos cover how to implement structure and stability for individuals that want to change the life of others.



Life Mentors

Individuals who provide guidance and direction using our proprietary model

Soulegria. This model uses the P.R.O.M.I.S.E. wheel which can identify areas in an individuals life they can improve.

Also identify areas in their life where they may be focusing too much attention thus creating an imbalance in the emotional dynamics.





The Shangri-La learning Ranch

is a nonprofit ranch located on a beautiful 200-acre ranch. This ranch is located in the Shangri-La Valley which assists families locally by providing activities that increase family bonding and relationships. Some of the activities that are available on the ranch include equine and 4H programs, gardening, job skill training, and other skills.




The beautiful Shangri-La Event Center

is available on the property and all donations Shangri-La Event Center and proceeds from these events support the non-profit organization. One of the most interesting things is that by donating to the Shangri-La Learning ranch you not only help out local families but our parent organization helps families not only in the community but all over the world from right here in Washington County. Through providing opportunities for family oriented activities we have had great success in helping a common forgotten non-profit organization we almost all have. Parenting. Our moto is Our non-profit helping your non-profit “Parenting” The Shangri-La learning Ranch

Our Mission

The purpose of life is to find a state of true happiness. Notice it's a state of true happiness and not just happiness. In life there is happiness and unhappiness. There are various things that can be seen as happiness or unhappiness which typically fall under fun. Our mission is to help families and individuals seek after greater joy in life we call Soulegria.

Soulegria's Journey

We're Proud Of Our Work

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